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Firmender & Son Painting & Wall Covering was founded in 1929 by my grandfather.  Through 3 generations to date, and more to come, we proudly serve our residential customers’ needs throughout Trumbull CT and the surrounding areas.  We deeply value our long standing relationships with our customers and we are pleased at creating and building relationships with new customers.  We believe in courtesy and satisfaction for all of our customers.

Colonial style homeHave you finally decided to repaint your home or place of business? Are you looking for the best painter in the area? If so, Firmender & Son Painting & Wall Covering is the right place to call. We are a family owned and operated company that has been the number one choice for residents in Trumbull CT and surrounding areas since 1929. If you are a business owner, we are also known as the area’s top commercial painter.

Don’t just paint your house, re-invent your home!

Our friendly craftsmen are dedicated to their work, and always make sure they leave every customer satisfied. Using only top of the line products by industry leading manufacturers has helped them maintain their high-level services. Besides painting, our company offers pressure washing, deck staining, power sanding, as well as a great wallpaper removal service.

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Address: 22 Split Rock Road,
Phone: (203) 378-1818

paintingBeing in the business for so many years has shown us that money isn’t always the most important thing. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the smile on a happy client’s face after we complete their project. This is the reason why there is no painting contractor in the area with more competitive prices than Firmender & Son Painting & Wall Covering.

As the leading home painter in the local renovation industry, we put our trust in professionally trained experts only. This further improves the efficiency of our work, and guarantees the satisfaction of our clients. They will bring back the great exterior look of your home, making it the most attractive one on your street.

We Have An Amazing Team of Residential Painters

If you are looking to freshen up the rooms of your house with some lively colors, a painter from Firmender & Son Painting & Wall Covering experienced team is the right choice for you. They will provide expertise on what materials are best for your project, and will further expand any ideas to fully bring your vision to life. Every job begins with an assessment, after which a working plan is created to best fit your schedule.

Before applying paint to your walls, our painting contractor will prepare the surface by scraping uneven places, patching and filling any holes or dents. This may be considered the most important part of repainting, since there is no paint thick enough to hide a crack.

Tinting the primer close to the finishing color is the best way for a home painter to prevent stains from bleeding through after the new paint is applied. This will improve the paint adhesion, prevent blisters and peeling, and will allow one-coat coverage of the paint.

Painting of hotel's wallNothing brings the exterior beauty of a house out more than a good paint job. It will act as the first line of defense against bad weather and pests, and will maintain or even increase the high value of any house. If there are any significant cracks or the paint is starting to peel, you should consider calling a painting contractor to begin a repainting project.

The two most common types of exterior paints are water-based latex and oil-based alkyd. The first is a more flexible paint that takes longer to crack. It dries quicker, has a low odor, and can be cleaned with soap and water. However, many painters prefer to use alkyd, since it is more durable and also stain resistant.

If you are in Trumbull CT or surrounding areas, and are looking for the number one residential painter, call us today at (203) 378-1818.

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All my emails and phone calls were returned promptly. The painters who did my house painting project were skilled, on time and helpful when I had questions. The quality of the work was particularly high – my home looks fantastic!