Wallpaper Removal

One of the most irritating parts of a home improvement project can be removing wallpaper. Many of us have struggled with this, and know that it is not that amusing. Being a painting contractor, Firmender & Son Painting & Wall Covering will make sure to ease your stress as much as possible by offering our professional wallpaper removal services. As Trumbull CT and surrounding areas’ top commercial painter, we provide services for business owners and residential homeowners alike.

Scrapping off wallpaperTraditionally, the two most common ways to remove wallpaper have been with a liquid wallpaper stripper or an electric steamer. However, there is a more modern and less messy way to handle the situation, and it involves using a wallpaper-removing gel. This method helps dissolve the glue, and is more timely and much cleaner that others.

When our experts work on wallpaper removal, they follow a few important steps. If they use a steamer, first they have to perforate the wallpaper using a putty knife or orbital scorer, so moisture can penetrate it thoroughly. This will help remove the paper and glue stains easier. Each time the steamer is applied to the wall, it should be held in place for at least thirty seconds. Once the wallpaper is soft, and has formed bubbles, it is ready to be removed with a putty knife. A very important part of removing old wallpaper is to make sure that small pieces of it, and glue residue are completely scraped off the wall.

If the wallpaper is old, this process may be very difficult. Also, when there are thicker layers of it, the steamer may need to be left on the surface of the wall for a longer period of time. Our skilled craftsmen will make sure that you don’t have to deal with this messy process, and will provide a clean and efficient service.

If you are looking for a residential or commercial paining company to repaint your home, Firmender & Son Painting & Wall Covering is the place to call. We have been the community’s number one choice in Trumbull CT and surrounding areas for several generations. Contact us today at (203) 378-1818.